Are you eating ENOUGH?

I had an interesting experience at the gym today. And by “interesting” I mean I almost threw up. Gross.

As my trainer was asking me questions about what I ate the day before, I realized I had not eaten enough. Yesterday was my rest day so my routine changes. That’s where I run into trouble. I did not eat much for breakfast, just coffee, a cliff bar and a protein shake. I did my meal prep that week so I had a healthy lunch, but then I didn’t eat anything else until about 7:00 and even then it was only a turkey avocado sandwich. To make matters worse, I didn’t drink enough water which can also cause nausea during exercise. So duh, no wonder I felt sick today at the gym!

Here is an example of what I consider to be “enough”:

Daily Meal Plan

Daily Meal Plan

When I consider this list, what surprises me the most is how easy it is to skip meals because I get busy with work, kids…whatever. I know I’m not the only one.

A good friend of mine recently joined a support group that teaches people how to eat right.  She was telling me about a revelation she had when she went through their process which includes keeping a food journal. She noted there were days when she would just snack at work during the day, then in the evening if her kids were not home at dinner time, she would eat a bowl of popcorn and a soda. She realized she would never treat her kids the way she treats herself. The fact is that she didn’t even care about herself enough to have her own basic needs on her radar.

I think a lot of us Mom’s do that. When we are tired, or busy, its easy to skip meals. For me, the lesson is to make sure I eat enough or pay the price later. So, lesson learned. Today I will be mindful enough to eat enough so I don’t barf at the gym tomorrow.

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