Get Me To The Gym On Time!!

When I boil it all down, most of my challenges come down to time and energy, or really, lack there of. So I have had to find solutions to many situations. There have been some success and some short comings, but let’s focus on solutions here. ;)

My solution to making it to they gym early in the morning is night prepping. I put my clothes out at the foot of my bed and put my food and water right by the front door.

night prep clothes night prep food









When my alarm goes off, my first thought is, “Oh heeeeell no…”, but then the thought that gets me out of bed is, “I don’t even want to make Eric mad.” Eric is my trainer. He’s awesome, and I’m a little intimidated by him. Plus I’m a validation junkie so I want him to approve of me. By the way, the first time we trained together, he brought me a towel with a gold star on it. I took it as a sign from God that this was meant to be. ;) I love me some gold star action!

I think the best part is when I get into the car. I always tell hubby, “We did it!” I feel so good in my heart because the hard part is already over. What I know for sure, is that the most important thing is to just show up.




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