The Hero’s Journey

I watched a TED talk today about how to give a great speech. LOVED IT! The presenter talked about how when speaking to the audience, that in order to inspire, you use some form of the “The Hero’s Journey” where the hero is the audience. Cool, right? She used the example of Luke Skywalker. He was an unlikely hero, faced a huge obstacle, was resistant at first, then met a guide (Yoda) who helped him step into the role of hero and eventually overcomes the obstacle.

I see myself in this story, don’t you? As a mother, wife, career woman, and friend, I face many obstacles to my dreams. My obstacles look a lot like “lack of time” or “lack of energy” or “lack of motivation”. Let’s be honest, my excuses wear many masks, but they are all rooted in one of these three.

What am I doing to change this you ask? I am changing the way I think and what I think about.

It started with an idea. I watch an Oprah show where they talked about Vision Boards and how they are a tool to make your dreams a reality. Here’s mine:

vision board

The concept is that what you think about, you bring about. That the predominant thoughts you hold in your mind is what you move toward. I have this in my bedroom next to the TV where I see it all the time. I opened an Instagram account and searched out all kinds of fitness and nutrition people. Since I’m totally addicted to my phone, I find myself scrolling through picture after picture of lean and muscular bodies, healthy food, before & after pictures etc. Its a constant reminder of what is possible. It keeps my goal at the forefront of my attention. It makes me feel inspired and motivated, two of my most favorite feelings in the world!

The other big piece of the puzzle is that I hired a personal trainer. This does a few things for me, for instance, get my butt out of bed at 4:30am because I DO NOT like to disappoint my friends. Its a great way to utilize the concept of accountability. In my experience, that is one of the secrets to success. I know that I am 10x more likely to show up for a friend than I will for myself, so shoot, how about turning that defect into an asset! Winning!

Plus I am paying the guy, A LOT, so I have a personal and financial investment. They call it “skin in the game”. You have to have an investment you don’t want to lose sometimes.

What I have come to understand is that I have been the unlikely hero, but with help, I believe I can overcome my obstacles. I also believe in my heart that you can too.

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