Rest Day

boo rest day

Don’t Judge Me, Its Rest Day

Two days per week I have “rest day” and I have to admit I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I get to sleep in, so there is a certain level of glee when I got to sleep the night before.On the other hand, I feel kind of restless and guilty. But rest is so important! You don’t want to burn out so rest is vital. And if you’re like me, with kids, work, friends etc., you need to be careful with your time and energy.

Balance is tricky. My solution for balance is to keep a calendar of events on my phone. I try to put everything on it so I can tell just by looking at it when its time to say no or push things out. For me, rest day is a great day to see friends, run errands, and catch up on my favorite TV shows (and there’s a lot of those!).

So don’t feel guilty. My trainer keeps reminding me that in order to build muscle, it’s important to rest or I will actually break down my hard earned progress. We sure don’t want to do that. So hurry up and rest :)


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